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"Why don’t you want a new Nation of Domination?"



This has been buggin’ me for a bit so I’m going to talk about it.

Whenever more than three black wrestlers get in the ring on the same side suddenly everyone wants to go “OH MAN THEY NEED TO REMAKE NATION OF DOMINATION!”

I really don’t think the people who keep calling for a reboot of the Nation of Domination understand that it was originally made to be a HEEL stable and a joke making fun of the Nation of Islam movement taking place in the early 90s and that all of it’s members were meant to be outlandish characters of ‘militant black men’ and BLACK POWER archetypes. They did nothing but attack the white wrestlers for perceived slights against them in the name of BLACK POWER! and UNITY and this was treated as a bad thing and they were portrayed as heels because of it.

One of the most notable things that happened to the Nation of Domination is it’s feud with DX, the plucky rougeish face stable full of white guys who’s beef with Nation of Domination essentially devolved into “Stop being so offended! Lighten up!” and I’m gonna be that guy that pointed out that one of the biggest promos against them at the time featured the entireity of DX dressing up in black face and mocking The Nation.

After The Nation of Domination moved on from the ‘militant black people’ stable they just became different flavors of black foolishness in the WWE.

The Rock became what many would would call a Uncle Tom after he sided with the Corporation.

D’Lo Brown became this jive talking mini-thug

Kama Mustafa became The Godfather, a literal pimp.

Mark Henry became Sexual Chocolate

The rest of the members at that point (Farooq, Owen Hart, etc) had been phased out.

So think really hard about this.

Think really hard about how black wrestlers are pushed and portrayed in WWE today, almost two decades after Nation of Domination—A stable, in which I remind you again was made up to poke fun at a big issue with the black community at the time—was created.

Almost all of them are essentially “Boy that guy sure can run fast or jump high! He’s so athletic!” or they are gimmicked to being a jive talking, dancing, rapping, or hip-hop inspired gimmick. And then there is the old standby of being a bling bling sports ego.

  • PTP
  • Cryme Tyme
  • Kofi Kingston
  • MVP
  • Shelton Benjamin
  • R-Truth
  • Xavier Woods
  • Naomi
  • Cameron

Am I 100% against a New Nation of Domination? No. If booked right it could do for someone else what it essentially did for The Rock (and to a lesser extent Mark Henry) and propel them to a higher position and possibly build a main eventer. But WWE’s creative and booking process has proven time and time again since then that it can’t be trusted and I don’t see anything with the current run of how they run things that would make me endorse that.

So yeah, as much as I would love to see a stable full of the young black guys and girls they don’t NEED to be ‘The New Nation of Domination’. Whenever a a group of white wrestlers get together you don’t have people clamoring to call them the The New DX or The New n.W.o. They are just a new stable.

Why can’t that apply here?